Unladylike Pursuits by Alyssa Goodnight

She needs to find a husband but in truth would rather not.

Miss Emily Sinclair has just answered the summons that will change her life. On the eve of spinsterhood, she is offered a month to find a willing gentleman or suffer a marriage to her stepmother's odious cousin. Neither choice seems palatable.

He wants to remain a bachelor and is weary of marriage-minded misses.

Lord Brandon Davenport has had more than enough of marriage--the infidelity, the gossip, the inconvenience. It has all reaffirmed his conviction to never involve himself in such a predicament.

Of course, need and want are very different matters...or are they?


When the two find themselves grudgingly paired in the ambush of highwaymen, temper is matched equally with desire, leading Emily to realize that Brand is the perfect prey for her husband hunt. But is Brand too cagey to be caught in her trap?




Unladylike Pursuits by Alyssa Goodnight

Published 2004 Impress Ink, Texas

Although it may be hard to understand now, in Emily Sinclair’s time turning 25 was significant for an unmarried woman. Independent and headstrong, Emily was excited to turn 25 and know she was officially an old maid who no longer had to worry about trying to attract a husband.

Emily has all sorts of plans for her expected freedom, until her Father gives her an ultimatum and sends Emily into a spin.

The sub-plots of friendly rivalry, murder and mystery made the book enjoyable and interesting, moving away from Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew storyline the story represents. Alyssa Goodnight skilfully swaps between the main characters point of view to give a compete picture of events that is often amusing as the reader.

A nice light read that is long enough to get involved with.

Reviewer: Tash





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