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Such a Girl by Karen Siplin

Nine years ago, Kendall Stark ended a relationship with the love of her life. As her college friends never tired of telling her, Jack was going nowhere fast. Now, Kendall is thirty-one, working as an operator at a prestigious New York hotel and listening in on the personal calls of celebrity guests, while she carries on a doomed affair with a married colleague. And while deep down she knows she should be leading a more fulfilling life, Kendall believes she is content with the choices she has made.

Until the morning Jack reappears. Only now, Jack is the wealthy owner of a New England brewery, and he's staying in the hotel where Kendall works. His unexpected return leads her to rethink all the assumptions she ever made about success, love, and happiness -- and forces Jack to decide if he can ever forgive the woman who broke his heart so many years ago. Karen Siplin updates (and shakes up) the premise of Jane Austen's Persuasion, placing the characters in a modern, multiracial landscape. The daily intrigues of a luxury hotel provide the perfect backdrop for exploring the subtle (and overt) caste systems that still persist. Part romantic comedy, part social commentary, and imbued with the wit and contemporary urban sensibilities that Siplin displayed in her acclaimed debut, Such a Girl is an exciting and thoroughly entertaining new novel from a talent to watch.



Such a Girl by Karen Siplin

This book has a mixture of romance and comedy, and the main character Kendall is someone we can all relate to. It’s about lost love, and hilarious accounts of her work and home life.
This was the first book from Karen Siplin that I have read; I got through it within two days, because I could not put it down. I love a bit of romance, and with some funny twists and eavesdropping on the way, it makes for a great read!
If you have ever had an infuriating neighbour, a crazy boss, or simply an ex love, you are sure to enjoy this book.
I look forward to reading more of Karen Siplin’s work in the future.

This Chick lit book comes highly recommended by Beauty and Lace.







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