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designer profile: melinda mcbride - dandi

dandi logo


2005 design graduate Melinda McBride has always been interested in design: whether it be fashion, furniture, jewellery or lighting!

Currently working for design company Dandi, as part of a four-person team, Mindi’s work spans across the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of their unique fabric and bamboo homewares.



melinda mcbride


This month we interviewed the fabulous designer, Melinda:

B&L: Tell us a bit about the brand, Dandi…

Melinda: We are four female industrial designers with a passion for beautiful and functional objects. Together we create a range of modern and unique products for the home.  

B&L: Where did the name come from?

Melinda: Because we love all things fine and Dandi!

B&L: Have you always been interested in design?

Melinda: Absolutely, I can't remember not being interested in fashion, art or design. I used to throw tantrums as a four year old if my mum didn't let me pick out my own clothes! The design interest came through as a competitive thing, I would see other people's products, accessories or clothes and think "surely there is a better way to do that, and I could do it!"

B&L: Where do you get your inspiration?

Melinda: Here, there and everywhere! A lot from nature, architecture, vintage finds, magazines etc. It’s a constant process so I always need a notepad, sketchbook and my camera handy just in case something grabs my attention.

B&L: What Dandi design do you love the most?

Melinda: Tough question! We are working on some gorgeous new stuff at the moment. From the current collection I really love our bamboo range, in particular the chopping board with its cute etched lorikeet.

B&L: How would you describe your fashion style?

Melinda: Eclectic and colourful! I love hand made clothes and op shops as well as high street fashion and couture. Jewellery and accessories play an important role in my wardrobe and many of my pieces belonged to my grandmothers and great grandmothers. Its quite cool to know that we had similar taste in fashion!  

B&L: What is your favourite room in your home and why?

Melinda: The kitchen! It’s full of tasty food, offers hours of entertainment with cooking, and I get to put my Dandi kitchenware to good use!

B&L: Do you have any advice for people wanting a career in design?  

Melinda: You need to have real passion and drive for this industry, be willing to do anything and always be on the lookout for inspiration.

B&L: What homeware accessories are in right now?

Melinda: Bamboo products are hot at the moment due to their sustainable advantages. Our oilcloth products (just like grandma used to have!) are also really popular - they have a vintage appeal but come in modern patterns.

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?  

Melinda: It means I can own as many shoes as I want, take up 95% of the wardrobe space I share with my partner, collect vintage jewellery and homewares, use cover up when I'm having a bad skin day, whinge to my girlfriends about absolutely anything, never tire of shopping, admire and praise my friends openly and express all of these wonderful qualities through design.

You can use the term 'because I'm a woman" as an excuse for just about anything, whether it’s a powerful feminist statement or a reason to eat chocolate!











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